Thursday 2 July 2015

RECIPE - #InstaWeanTeam Challenge - Watermelon Kebabs

I chose a simple summer dish for my watermelon #InstaWeanTeam Challenge – fruit kebabs with natural yoghurt and chia seeds. This took 5 minutes to prepare and about 5 seconds to devour! The sweet watermelon works really well with the creamy yoghurt and I used a flower shaped vegetable cutter to make it a little more appealing – still not enough to convince L to eat fruit unfortunately but it worked for the grown ups!


¼ Watermelon
½ Mango
10-15 White and Red Grapes
Kebab Sticks
Natural Yoghurt
Chia Seeds (optional)

1. Slide a knife along the rind of the watermelon to remove the tough skin. Slice the melon into strips. Using a cookie or vegetable cutter, cut out some pretty shapes :)
2. Same deal with the mango - remove the skin and slice into cubes
3. Slice the grapes in half lengthways (this reduces the choking hazard)
4. Thread each piece of fruit onto a kebab stick until it's full.
5. Service dipped in yoghurt with chia seeds (you might want to remove the stick for younger children)

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