Thursday 11 June 2015

RECIPE - #InstaWeanTeam Challenge - Crispy Baked Green Beans

A real challenge this week - green beans! These are one of my favourite veggies actually (unfortunately for Mr BLWMamaUK who doesn't share the same affinity for them that I do) but never one I've thought of as being particularly versatile.

Still, I knew the other ladies would come up with something brilliant so didn't want to let the side down. I have two weak points when it comes to baby food - savoury snacks and desserts. I decided to tackle the former and make something we could take out and about with us. As it happened, I made so many that we also had them for dinner with grilled salmon and rice noodles. Those little green beans are pretty versatile after all :)

1/3 Packet Green Beans
Panko Breadcrumbs (approx 1/4 packet)
1 Beaten Egg
2-3 Tablespoon of Plain White Flour

1. Trim the beans at both ends
2. Get three bowls and put the egg in one, the flour in another, and some breadcrumbs in another
3. Roll the beans in flour until it is lightly coated.
4. Drop the beans into the egg and coat on both sides.

5. Roll the beans in the breadcrumbs, making sure it is completely covered
6. I baked them at Gas Mark 5 for 30-40 minutes until they were starting to go golden and the beans inside were soft/wilted. You could probably speed up the process by boiling the beans in hot water for 5-8 mins first but this didn't occur to me until mine were already in the oven!

For a snack, team the crispy beans with some creme fraiche or hummus. Delish. 

Don't forget to check out what everyone else made for Green Bean Week on the #InstaWeanTeam Facebook Page 

Snack tin is by Replay Recycled

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